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05-11-2018, 14:12

Dutch Incorporation Services | Frictionless Formations: Establishing a new base in The Netherlands

ABiLiTieS Trust | Corporate Services published an article on Dutch company formation: Frictionless Formations: Establishing a new base in The Netherlands   Meer

15-10-2018, 11:55

30% ruling term

The term of the 30% ruling will be limited from eight to five years. As per 15 October 2018 it has been announced by the State Secretary of Finance to limit the period as per 1 January 2021. There will be no...   Meer

22-09-2018, 10:24

Dutch Incorporation Services | What to do as business owner now the Brexit comes near?

Updated 17-12-2018 - Brexit negotiations seem to be going into the direction of a hard Brexit as per 29 March 2019. It is expected that if the Brexit will be postponed, it will not be for more than a few...   Meer

22-05-2018, 10:29

Interview in newspaper Kommersant

Interview with Robert Bron of ABiLiTieS Trust in the financial newspaper Kommersant: ABiLiTieS Trust: стабильность Нидерландов продолжает привлекать бизнес 22.05.2018, 17:32 Компания ABiLiTieS Trust...   Meer

22-03-2018, 14:23

Our team

We would like to inform you that since the start of this year, Robert Bron is working full time for ABiLiTieS Trust. As co-founder of this corporate services provider with trust license, he is there, together...   Meer

20-01-2018, 14:42

Dutch Tax Services | Additional substance requirements

The Dutch Dividend Withholding Tax Act and Corporate Income Tax have been amended as per 1 January 2018. This also resulted to an update of the decree with guidance on the substance required for a foreign...   Meer

02-01-2018, 12:13

Dutch Tax Services | New dividend withholding tax notification

Please do not forget to file a notification form with the Dutch tax authorities in case of declaring a dividend by a Dutch company to a foreign recipient when no Dutch dividend withholding tax is levied...   Meer